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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
6.28318530717958647692528676656Mul(2, Pi)     [848d97 47acde d69b41 f1dd8a 83566f b0e1cb e54e61 fb7a63 30a054 21b67f 62f12c 8f0a91 522b04 348b26 84f403 912ff9 1b2d8a 0479f5 fc8d5d f79ff0 f50c74 54d4e2 4a5b9a 37a95a ff587a 1dc520 af2d4b 64c188 af2ea9 20d72c f42652 739819 5babc2 7c00e6 a0ca3e 340936 d3baaf 57d31a 0c7de4 24a793 f2a0c7 6c71c0 ea26d4 1745f5 d9c818 3f5711 d31b04 1d2f4a 0d8639 14ecc4 092cee 7cda09 3bfced 9ee8bc 4af6db af31ae 62b0c4 49514d f551ca b7fec0 f0f53b 7b62e4 23ed69 99ad29 ace837 9b3fde 32e162 4cf4e4 6d0a95 7a56c2 2f6805 f8dfaf 8c96a5 2090c3 458a97 0f02a5 e28209 2a8ec9 5161ab 1848f1 f3b870 5c178f 2a47d7 da0f15 ad91ae 2398a1 13cac5 298bb1 e20db0 005478 931d89 c7f7a5 541e2e 95f771 127f05 0ed5e2 3102a7 b6017f 2dcf0c 3fe553 d6a799 44e8fb 90a1e1 82b410 ac236f 0fda1b afb22a 2a2a38 a5d65f 6a8889 03fbe8 d1a0ec b64782 80f7dc dbfd5b 9ea739 10cdf4 a54fb0 024a84 204acd 53026a 3544a0 1a63af bb9eb6 ec0054 77aed2 f5a15a 3a5eb6 afd27a 5c054e 15b347 4704f9 52ea5f ea3e3c 0ad263 dfbddd 4a200a 93a877 69a1a9 bf8f37 1c25d3 06c468 3f1547 26faf3 64bd32 1fc63b 321538 630eca 28237a 1842d9 72ccda 40baa9 99a9c6 c574fd 4a3612]
Neg(Neg(Mul(2, Pi)))     [4704f9 20d72c 47acde bf8f37]
Im(Mul(Mul(2, Pi), ConstI))     [848d97 2090c3 e28209 57d31a 0c7de4 24a793 5161ab 83566f b0e1cb 6c71c0 30a054 9ea739 10cdf4 da0f15 204acd 13cac5 ad91ae 3f5711 21b67f d1a0ec ec0054 298bb1 62f12c e20db0 348b26 7cda09 15b347 541e2e 52ea5f ea3e3c 3bfced 4af6db 1b2d8a 4a200a f551ca 3102a7 06c468 f0f53b 26faf3 1fc63b 82b410 99ad29 ff587a 1dc520 af2ea9 4cf4e4 1842d9 7a56c2 7c00e6 0fda1b c574fd 03fbe8 f8dfaf]
Neg(Im(Neg(Mul(Mul(2, Pi), ConstI))))     [348b26 f0f53b]
Integral(JacobiTheta(1, 0, Mul(ConstI, t), 1), For(t, 0, Infinity))     [f2a0c7]
155 (#10)

Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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