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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
1.41421356237309504880168872421Sqrt(2)     [81c491 e30d7e 4b040d 9d5b81 2f3ed3 f9190b 8c368f 9f2b18 c6c92a dabb47 7c50d1 84f403 61480c f5d489 69d0a3 3047b1 3fb309 534335 7f8a58 c05ed8 54c80d a9ecff 361801 a9f190 6c3ba9 25435b 4c1db8 351d87 0d9352 cf3c8e 303827 6d9ceb 3a56d8 5174ea 1403b5 669765 62b0c4 63ba30 799b5e 8c4ab4 4877f2 7b362f 616bcb 4dabda fe4967 6b9f81 b136bd 14f8c2 060366 324483 e3896e 0ad836 2dcf0c 0701dc dd5f43 c9ead2 f47947 c60033 4d7098 5384f3 5fc688 13c539 a15c03 6cbce8 042551 124d02 e04867 545e8b 24c179 9e30e7 e2bc80 35c85f 5d2c01 7ea1ad 6fce07 9f3474 4cd504 63644d 2991b5 afd27a 488a30 6e9544 62ffb3 522f54 7f9273 1356e4 2573ba 3189b9 8b4be6 3f1547 675f23 4256f0 f183d0 be2f32]
Pow(2, Div(1, 2))     [7f9273]
Abs(Add(1, ConstI))     [62b0c4 78131f fe2627 b468f3 69d0a3 078869 0ad836 9e30e7 4c8873 e54e61 7c50d1 e2288d 2dcf0c 5d2c01]
Abs(Sub(1, ConstI))     [630eca 62b0c4 f1dd8a 2dcf0c 5174ea e54e61 7c50d1 8519dd]
Im(Mul(Sqrt(2), ConstI))     [1356e4]
Re(Mul(Sqrt(2), Sub(1, ConstI)))     [5174ea]
Re(Mul(Sqrt(2), Add(1, ConstI)))     [69d0a3]
Im(Mul(Sqrt(2), Add(1, ConstI)))     [69d0a3]
Neg(Im(Mul(Sqrt(2), Sub(1, ConstI))))     [5174ea]
Abs(Mul(Div(1, 2), Add(1, Mul(Sqrt(7), ConstI))))     [29c095]
Abs(CarlsonRF(0, Div(Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 4), Mul(32, Pi)), Div(Neg(Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 4)), Mul(32, Pi))))     [8519dd]
105 (#15)

Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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