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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
0.577215664901532860606512090082ConstGamma     [98f642 39fe5f 433a5c a2675b 014c4e 967bbb 39ce44 ee3dc5 cf70ce 28bf9a e876e8 a1f1ec 70a705 4e3853 79d6ba 177de7 8c368f a54fb0 686524 88e89f acfc1f 1165fc 39e0cb 7783f9 89bed3 7ec4f0 3142ec f93bae bf533f c76eaf e8af68 d17d0b a4cc3b 0ad263 00c02a f946a5 818008 a1ca3e 288da1 cf3977 661054 75f9bf f50c74 ada157 3fe553 4644c0 9d5c86 64bd32 54d4e2 ea2482 86fcf1 45a969 d8d820 8ae153 a4f9c9 a5d65f 0888b3]
StieltjesGamma(0)     [e5bd3c 8ae153]
StieltjesGamma(0, 1)     [8ae153]
Neg(Neg(ConstGamma))     [ea2482 f946a5 686524 acfc1f a4cc3b c76eaf 3fe553]
Neg(DigammaFunction(1))     [d17d0b ea2482]
Neg(ComplexDerivative(Gamma(z), For(z, 1, 1)))     [cf3977]
Neg(Integral(Log(Log(Div(1, x))), For(x, 0, 1)))     [a1ca3e]
Neg(Integral(Mul(Exp(Neg(x)), Log(x)), For(x, 0, Infinity)))     [39fe5f]
Sub(1, Sum(Div(Sub(RiemannZeta(k), 1), k), For(k, 2, Infinity)))     [818008]
Neg(ComplexLimit(Brackets(Sub(Gamma(z), Div(1, z))), For(z, 0)))     [79d6ba]
RightLimit(Brackets(Sub(Neg(BesselK(0, x)), Log(Div(x, 2)))), For(x, 0))     [e8af68]
ComplexLimit(Brackets(Sub(RiemannZeta(s), Div(1, Sub(s, 1)))), For(s, 1))     [a1f1ec]
Neg(ComplexLimit(Brackets(Add(DigammaFunction(z), Div(1, z))), For(z, 0)))     [9d5c86]
RightLimit(Brackets(Sub(Mul(Div(Pi, 2), BesselY(0, x)), Log(Div(x, 2)))), For(x, 0))     [0888b3]
SequenceLimit(Brackets(Sub(Parentheses(Sum(Div(1, k), For(k, 1, n))), Log(n))), For(n, Infinity))     [4644c0]
Decimal("0.57721566490153286060651209008240243104215933593992")     [e5bd3c e876e8]
58 (#22)

Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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