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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
0.250000000000000000000000000000Div(1, 4)     [390158 e30d7e f12e20 4b040d f1dd8a b7f13b 2f3ed3 e54e61 ed4cca aac129 f9190b 9f2b18 2806fd 8ee7c9 53fcdd dabb47 7c50d1 8519dd dab889 84f403 826257 54daa9 9b8c9f 3d276b 69d0a3 3c4979 3fb309 cf5caa a255e1 eda0f3 0a9ec2 7f8a58 c05ed8 361801 8b7991 7ec4f0 e85723 ce66a9 c6c108 f12569 ae6718 d15f11 e03b7c 0d9352 3b272e dc507f 67e015 3a56d8 7ce79e 5174ea 0ce854 1403b5 7cc3d3 4c166d 62b0c4 63ba30 ace837 40a376 8c4ab4 95e9e4 52302f 3e82c3 eba27c cc22bf c4febd 921ef0 1eaaed 5c178f da0f15 4dabda 807c7d ec1435 9b0385 8bbb6f 175b7a 060366 e3896e 0701dc 2dcf0c 2b2066 80f43a dd5f43 2744d4 c60033 5384f3 afb22a 6cbce8 27b169 fc3c44 7d7c65 9e30e7 e2bc80 5d2c01 fa8e96 4c8873 6ade92 9f3474 0abbe1 63644d 0096a8 2991b5 b65d19 7f9273 2573ba 8b4be6 3f1547 1fc63b 4256f0 630eca 4c1988 28237a be2f32 03aca0 0ed5e2 6c4567]
Im(Div(ConstI, 4))     [5706ab 7f9273]
Neg(Neg(Div(1, 4)))     [7f9273 54daa9 7d7c65 95e9e4 4c8873]
Neg(Im(Neg(Div(ConstI, 4))))     [5706ab]
Re(Add(Div(1, 4), Mul(Div(3, 4), ConstI)))     [c4febd 80f43a 0ce854 fa8e96]
116 (#13)

Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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