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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
0.785398163397448309615660845820Atan(1)     [157c6c 0c9939]
Div(Pi, 4)     [47acde 71a0ff 6c3ba9 cd55cf 157c6c 79f20e 08cda4 3b8c97 6d3591 8a9884 4dabda 0bf328 1d4638 270e67 eac389 f5d489 b4a735 d51efc e98dd0 8b4be6 c9ead2 f183d0 5fc688 5c9675 e09b77]
CarlsonRC(1, 2)     [eac389]
Arg(Sqrt(ConstI))     [0ad836]
CarlsonRF(1, 2, 2)     [0bf328]
CarlsonRG(0, 1, 1)     [cd55cf]
Arg(EllipticE(2))     [5d2c01]
Arg(Add(1, ConstI))     [62b0c4 78131f fe2627 b468f3 69d0a3 078869 0ad836 9e30e7 4c8873 e54e61 7c50d1 e2288d 2dcf0c 5d2c01]
Arg(AGM(1, ConstI))     [69d0a3]
Neg(Arg(EllipticK(2)))     [630eca]
Arg(CarlsonRG(0, 1, -1))     [9e30e7]
Neg(Arg(Sub(1, ConstI)))     [630eca 62b0c4 f1dd8a 2dcf0c 5174ea e54e61 7c50d1 8519dd]
Im(Div(Mul(Pi, ConstI), 4))     [cde93e 3c56c7 03356b 6b2078 4d0e14]
Arg(Div(Add(1, ConstI), 2))     [078869]
Neg(Arg(CarlsonRF(0, 1, -1)))     [f1dd8a]
Neg(Arg(AGM(1, Neg(ConstI))))     [5174ea]
Arg(Mul(Sqrt(2), Add(1, ConstI)))     [69d0a3]
Arg(Exp(Div(Mul(Pi, ConstI), 4)))     [cde93e 6b2078 4d0e14]
DirichletL(1, DirichletCharacter(4, 3))     [3b8c97 f56273]
Neg(Arg(Mul(Sqrt(2), Sub(1, ConstI))))     [5174ea]
Arg(Mul(Div(1, Sqrt(2)), Add(1, ConstI)))     [0ad836]
Arg(Mul(Div(Mul(3, Pi), 4), Add(1, ConstI)))     [b468f3 78131f]
Sub(Hypergeometric2F1(Neg(Div(1, 2)), 1, Div(1, 2), -1), 1)     [f55b36]
Arg(Mul(Mul(Sqrt(2), Add(1, ConstI)), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))))     [69d0a3]
Neg(Arg(Mul(Mul(Sqrt(2), Sub(1, ConstI)), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2)))))     [5174ea]
Neg(Arg(Mul(Div(Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2), Mul(4, Sqrt(Mul(2, Pi)))), Sub(1, ConstI))))     [f1dd8a 630eca]
Arg(Div(Mul(Mul(Sqrt(2), Add(1, ConstI)), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))), Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2)))     [69d0a3]
Arg(Mul(Div(Mul(Sqrt(2), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))), Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2)), Add(1, ConstI)))     [5d2c01]
Sub(Mul(Sqrt(2), Hypergeometric2F1(Neg(Div(1, 2)), Neg(Div(1, 2)), Div(1, 2), Div(1, 2))), 1)     [488a30]
Neg(Arg(Div(Mul(Mul(Sqrt(2), Sub(1, ConstI)), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))), Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2))))     [5174ea]
Neg(Arg(Mul(Div(Mul(3, Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2)), Mul(8, Sqrt(Mul(2, Pi)))), Sub(1, ConstI))))     [62b0c4 2dcf0c]
Arg(Mul(Div(Mul(Sqrt(2), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))), Mul(2, Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2))), Add(1, ConstI)))     [9e30e7]
Arg(Mul(Div(Mul(Mul(3, Sqrt(2)), Pow(Pi, Div(3, 2))), Mul(2, Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 2))), Add(1, ConstI)))     [62b0c4 2dcf0c]
Neg(Arg(CarlsonRF(0, Div(Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 4), Mul(32, Pi)), Div(Neg(Pow(Gamma(Div(1, 4)), 4)), Mul(32, Pi)))))     [8519dd]
52 (#24)

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