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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
3.62560990822190831193068515587Gamma(Div(1, 4))     [ce66a9 cc22bf e30d7e 4b040d f1dd8a 1eaaed 9e30e7 e54e61 ae6718 e03b7c 5c178f 5d2c01 0d9352 f9190b 3b272e dc507f 9f2b18 67e015 4dabda 9f3474 63644d 53fcdd 5174ea dabb47 2991b5 7c50d1 8519dd 1403b5 9b0385 84f403 62b0c4 060366 9b8c9f 69d0a3 2573ba e3896e 2dcf0c 8b4be6 3f1547 63ba30 3c4979 cf5caa 630eca ace837 4c1988 28237a 7f8a58 c05ed8 361801 afb22a 0ed5e2 6c4567]
52 (#25)

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