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From Ordner, a catalog of real numbers in Fungrim.

DecimalExpression [entries]Frequency
2.50662827463100050241576528481Sqrt(Mul(2, Pi))     [84f403 47acde 630eca ace837 d3baaf 62b0c4 28237a 53026a e54e61 3f1547 fc8d5d f1dd8a 2dcf0c afb22a 0ed5e2 5c178f 1745f5]
Pow(Mul(2, Pi), Div(1, 2))     [931d89 2a47d7 32e162 6d0a95 80f7dc b7fec0 a0ca3e]
24 (#55)

Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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