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Welcome! The Mathematical Functions Grimoire (Fungrim) is an open source library of formulas and data for special functions. Fungrim currently consists of 311 symbols (named mathematical objects), 1464 entries (definitions, formulas, tables, plots), and 48 topics (listings of entries). This is one example entry:

ζ ⁣(s)=2(2π)s1sin ⁣(πs2)Γ ⁣(1s)ζ ⁣(1s)\zeta\!\left(s\right) = 2 {\left(2 \pi\right)}^{s - 1} \sin\!\left(\frac{\pi s}{2}\right) \Gamma\!\left(1 - s\right) \zeta\!\left(1 - s\right)

The Fungrim website provides a permanent ID and URL for each entry, symbol or topic. Click "Details" to show an expanded view of an entry, or click the ID (9ee8bc) to show the expanded view on its own page. All data in Fungrim is represented in semantic form designed to be usable by computer algebra software.

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Copyright (C) Fredrik Johansson and contributors. Fungrim is provided under the MIT license. The source code is on GitHub.

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