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{Wk ⁣(z):kZandzCand(z0ork=0)}=C\left\{ W_{k}\!\left(z\right) : k \in \mathbb{Z} \,\mathbin{\operatorname{and}}\, z \in \mathbb{C} \,\mathbin{\operatorname{and}}\, \left(z \ne 0 \,\mathbin{\operatorname{or}}\, k = 0\right) \right\} = \mathbb{C}
\left\{ W_{k}\!\left(z\right) : k \in \mathbb{Z} \,\mathbin{\operatorname{and}}\, z \in \mathbb{C} \,\mathbin{\operatorname{and}}\, \left(z \ne 0 \,\mathbin{\operatorname{or}}\, k = 0\right) \right\} = \mathbb{C}
Fungrim symbol Notation Short description
LambertWWk ⁣(z)W_{k}\!\left(z\right) Lambert W-function
ZZZ\mathbb{Z} Integers
CCC\mathbb{C} Complex numbers
Source code for this entry:
    Formula(Equal(Set(LambertW(k, z), For(Tuple(k, z)), And(Element(k, ZZ), Element(z, CC), Or(NotEqual(z, 0), Equal(k, 0)))), CC)))

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